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5on Google,Dec 20, 2023

No pain root canal. Place is welcoming and professional. Progressive 'Gentle Wave' system and microscopic care. 5 stars.

5on Google,Dec 04, 2023

**Edited** Spoke with the Dr. and I understand the reason for costs being collected up-front and making sure the information being conveyed to patients for better understanding on both sides are being conducted. *********************** Referred by my dentist to see an Endodontist for a possible root canal, this endodontist was called by my referring provider. I was informed it would be a $125 consultation fee, if my insurance covers it, then they will refund once insurance pays out all claims. I was consulted and advised for a root canal. The upfront cost provided for my portion was of $708. Went for my root canal and was sat down to go over a few pages of disclosures to sign & a video to watch how the gentle-wave procedure works. Me of course just skimming through the forms and signing the consent, whilst trying to watch the video at the same time, good to go. I received my EOB through my on-line insurance portal and it showed my consultation visit was covered 100% and my portion for root canal is $245. I called the office to go over the information I received from my EOB and asked why I was charged the $708 for the root canal. I was informed that the disclosure I signed stated two non-covered services, and I was provided the procedural codes. The office will not know exact amount the insurance will cover until the claims are filed. I called my insurance company and asked if they did not cover the procedural codes I was provided and she did state one was and the other was not. The code for the gentle-wave is not covered and I was informed by my dental insurance most insurance do not cover the gentle-wave procedure. The obstruction code is covered through my dental insurance. Staff & Dr. are great, I just did not like the way information was conveyed. Although your forms may say it’s not covered, In my opinion, let the patient know up-front the non-covered services not just to read over the consent and have us sign it. Verify the insurance, speak to a representative and get a cost estimate on what the patient responsibility may be and provide it to the patient. My dentist office has always provided me an up front cost in detail before any procedure. I’m confident this will be settled in a few weeks or maybe a month after requesting to refile the claim for the covered service. Most of us are still trying to save every cent we can to keep up with rising costs.

5on Google,Oct 10, 2023

This was my second time going to have a root canal with Dr Qamar. I have to say in all my 54 years of going to hundreds + of different Dr’s office appointments over the years, this has to be the best Dr’s office I have ever been to!! The front office staff are awesome! Extremely Friendly, Happy and very accommodating!! and the Doc’s dental techs and assistants in the back that work with him are just as happy and friendly and make you feel very comfortable and welcomed! And then there is Dr Qamar! Very professional, great demeanor and takes the time to explain everything and anything you want and need to know and never rushes you! His work is outstanding and I am never “in pain” after the numbing wears off! And my regular dentist always comments on how good his work looks when I go back to her for the crowns! I only gave this Dr and ALL his staff a 5 star rating because there wasn’t an option for 6!

5on Google,Sep 07, 2023

Dr Qamar and his assistants did a great job on my RC today. Little to no pain. I liked how he came up with a treatment plan during the consult and explained everything that he was going to do. Made me feel at ease. They really took good care of me.

4on Google,Aug 15, 2023
skill boy

5on Google,May 10, 2023

4on Google,May 02, 2023

Thank you for the satisfied procedure---Dr.'s professional skills, and staff's good teamwork and service!

5on Google,Apr 20, 2023

Definitely 5 stars everyone was so friendly and professional.

5on Google,Oct 07, 2022

Patient: Beverly Johnston. I had to have a re-do root canal. Everything went great. Dr Qamar was very professional and personable. He was very thorough and explained everything he would be doing. He would ask me how I was doing during the procedure and let me know what to expect. All staff were wonderful and very helpful. Highly recommend.

4on Google,Oct 07, 2022

5on Google,Oct 05, 2022

My tooth broke off and I was having severe nerve pain, I went to my dentist and they told me I needed a root canal that day and called clear lake endo and they fit me in right away. It was later in the afternoon when I got to my appointment, I was seen quickly and Dr Sam examined me right away. I was worried about waiting to get the procedure since I had to work the rest of the week and I knew I couldn’t handle the pain. So Dr Sam and his staff got me in that day and started the procedure at 4pm and even stayed late to finish it. I’m day 2 post root canal and I only have the expected soreness, no nerve pain or sensitivity. Thank you to every staff member from front desk to the back for sacrificing your own time to take excellent care of me and to Dr Sam for making sure I wouldn’t have to leave in pain.

5on Google,Sep 30, 2022
London Kendrick

Great staff. The experience was painless and they helped me every step of the way. HIGHLY recommend this place over any other in the area!

5on Google,May 24, 2022

5on Google,Apr 20, 2022

I had a root canal done in one of my molars, Dr. Qamar did an awesome job, the whole procedure was painless and after the procedure I had minimal to no pain at all. Pain from root canals is a thing of the past , definitely I will be going there again.

5on Google,Mar 31, 2022

Great place and Doctor Sam Qamar is a great DMD

5on Google,Mar 18, 2022

5on Google,Mar 18, 2022

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5on Google,Feb 23, 2022

Appointments were smooth and pleasant, starting right on time. The doctor did a great job and the whole procedure was essentially painless. Definitely recommend.

5on Google,Feb 15, 2022

First time ever I had a painless experience with a dentist or endodontist, from consultation thru procedure. 100% painless. To increase the margins for a good prognosis: (1) His special equipment and training give him the capability to use fluid dynamic and soundwave techniques that work in unison to remove bacteria, debris and and compromised tissue. This is far better and gentler than a standard root canal. (2) His experience allows him to assess fractures and strategically provide optimal structure to the tooth during the repair, making every effort to save the tooth. (3) His technique allows painless introduction of novocaine and he has the experience to choose the optimal numbing locations for your unique situation. (4) Emphasizes cleanliness and process to his staff. And great staff.

4on Google,Feb 11, 2022

I had a root canal done here with the Gentle Wave and it was the most painless dental experience I’ve ever had! The only pain I felt was when the doc injected the numbing medicine. I would give 5 stars but I waited an hour to be seen which pushed my other appointments out by an hour. Appointment was at 10am, didn’t sit in chair until 11am. Great place, highly recommend!

5on Google,Jan 25, 2022

The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the quality of Dr. Qamar's work is outstanding. If I need Endodontic care in the future, I would definitely come back to Clear Lake Endodontics and I highly recommend them to all.

5on Google,Nov 25, 2021

Had to have a root canal. Everything went great. Dr Qamar was wonderful. Very thorough and detailed about everything he is doing and or needs to be done. All staff were wonderful and very helpful. Highly recommend 👍🏻

5on BirdEye,Apr 03, 2019

Great experience.