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5on BirdEye,Apr 03, 2019

Great experience.

5on Google,Feb 25, 2021
Colinda Van

5on Google,Feb 25, 2021

5on Google,Feb 23, 2021

5on Healthgrades,Feb 16, 2021

I was having difficulty finding an endodontics that had good reviews. My ears, nose and throat dr recommend Dr. Qamar. Her family had been using him for years and was always happy with him and his staff. I also found Dr. Qamar and his staff very professional. Dr. Qamar is thorough and friendly. He takes the time to explain what he’s about to do during the procedure so you’re comfortable through the process. My root canal was completed four months ago and I’ve had no problems since. I’ve been recommending him to my family, friends and coworkers.

5on Google,Feb 14, 2021

I went in for a evaluation of a potential need for a root canal. After determining it was needed they were able to take care of immediately. It was a very fast painless experience. Staff and physicians were awesome

5on Google,Feb 02, 2021

Walking in finding out that I needed a root canal honestly scared me. Dr. Qamar and staff explained the GentleWave procedure and how root canal procedures have evolved over the years. They made me feel comfortable and I went ahead and had the procedure done! Highly recommend! Thanks!

5on Google,Dec 28, 2020

Clear Lake Endodontics provides exceptional care! The front office staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! Dr. Qamar is wonderful — he provides thorough information and step by step guidance. He checks in every step of the way to ensure the patient is comfortable and taken care of. My entire experience was very positive and my root canal was successful with no complications or pain.

5on Google,Dec 21, 2020

Dr. Qamar really knows what he's doing. He is very skilled and organized, and he's also quite nice. His office staff are very personable and professional. I'd recommend him to family and friends.

5on Google,Dec 20, 2020

Very satisfied with the services from start to finish

5on Google,Nov 30, 2020

Dr.Adams my general dentist sent me to a wonderful Endodontist! I never felt the shots and NO PAIN AT ALL DURING MY ROOT CANAL ! I went Back to Dr. Adams to get my build up and my crown the same day he finished my root canals under my bridge! Dr. Qumar made such small holes to do my root canals Through my old zirconium bridge, that Dr. Adams was still able to save my bridge. I highly recommend Dr. Qumar and his friendly staff! And the price was wonderful compared to other endodontists . Dr. Qumar and his friendly staff are very professional and very clean, and I had no worries about catching Covid or anything in his office. I am so very happy that he saved my upper teeth and my bridge and now I don’t have to have a denture. Thank you, Dr Qumar !

5on Google,Nov 30, 2020

Excellent experience! I never felt any pain at all during or after the procedure! Dr. Qumar is wonderful and I highly recommend him and his friendly staff. The price was very reasonable for saving my upper right teeth, and I’m very grateful to Dr. Qumar and Dr. Adams, my general dentist at Lovett for fixing my bridge so I don’t have to have a denture.

5on BirdEye,Nov 25, 2020

it was excellent job

5on BirdEye,Nov 25, 2020

I had a great experience. After the visit, did not have any discomfort. The staff is wonderful.

5on BirdEye,Nov 25, 2020
Suzette L

The whole experience was much better than I anticipated. Will I do it again? I hope not but yes with the same team.

5on Healthgrades,Nov 13, 2020

Excellent front staff. Initial visit was very good with doctor explaining what my procedure would entail. During procedure I was often asked how I was doing. All went very well and there is no swelling and light pain.

5on Google,Oct 30, 2020

Very nice experience. Staff and Doctor were all very professional. The doctor made sure I was comfortable during my root canal and I had no pain during or after the procedure. I have deep roots so it took a while but I felt the doctor was very skilled and thorough even though I had no clue what was going on. If I or anyone else in my family needs a root canal we will be using Dr.Qamar again.

5on Google,Oct 29, 2020

Everyone from start to finish was kind, caring and professional. This was my first time having work done there, and they made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. They actually sincerely WANTED me to be comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks!

5on Healthgrades,Oct 16, 2020

Dr. Qamar is a competent, meticulous endodontist. My root canal took him quite a while because of the extensive calcification. He was patient and took his time and was able to find a channel so that he could free the root. I would definitely recommend he in his professional staff to my family and friends.

5on Google,Oct 07, 2020

I had a root canal done by Dr. Qamar. He did a fantastic job! He has an excellent staff and assistants. Pain free following procedure!

5on BirdEye,Oct 02, 2020

great job!!!!

5on Google,Sep 30, 2020

Dr. Qamar and his staff are very attentive and caring. I had a root canal with Gentle Wave and it went smoothly. The initial numbing shots were hardly felt at all, thanks to the numbing gel and Dr. Q’s skill. Honestly, the only thing that hurt was keeping my mouth open for so long. Thanks for taking care of me!

5on Healthgrades,Sep 30, 2020

Dr. Qamar and his staff are very attentive and caring. I had a root canal with Gentle Wave and it went smoothly. The initial numbing shots were hardly felt at all, thanks to the numbing gel and Dr. Q’s skill. Honestly, the only thing that hurt was keeping my mouth open for so long. Thanks for taking care of me!

5on Google,Aug 02, 2020

I am so thankful to Dr. Qamar and his staff as I was in extreme pain and needed an emergency root canal . Even though the doctor was booked solid he came in on his day off and performed the root canal! It was a painless and surprisingly short Procedure and the doctor and nurse were extremely compassionate and attentive. The receptionist at the front desk is amazing and she helped me to get in to see the doctor quickly ! I will forever be in gratitude for a doctor understanding my pain and treating it so quickly! I am two days out and already my mouth feels so much better and with the instructions and medicines that he gave me , I am in my way to recovery . It’s not often you find this kind of compassion AND expertise in a doctor and staff !

5on Google,Jun 04, 2020