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5on Google,Jun 04, 2020

5on Healthgrades,Jun 01, 2020

I received great care by Dr Qamar and staff. They were able to get me in quickly when I called about a toothache. The next day I had a root canal, which immediately resolved my pain. Dr Qamar explained things well and they were concerned about my comfort throughout the process of my root canal. Very pleased with the care I received.

5on Google,May 14, 2020

My procedure was a root canal on tooth number 3. Procedures started at the appointed time and took an hour and a half. Staff made me feel very welcome. Doctor was great explained every step and I experienced no pain whatsoever. I would definitely recommend him and his staff to anyone who needs a root canal.

5on Healthgrades,Mar 18, 2020

I had a root canal on a tooth with curved roots. They did awesome! The staff is very friendly and professional. They care about their patients and make sure you are comfortable and have a good experience.

5on Google,Mar 17, 2020

5on Google,Feb 11, 2020

Just went through my first root canal. The procedure was flawless and Dr. Qamar was very inventive to my care. I had zero pain during the procedure and zero pain in the days that followed. They called the next day to check on me and was very helpful with my questions. I would certainly recommend Dr. Qamar to anyone.

5on Google,Feb 11, 2020

Dr. Qamar is the best! They got me in same-day for a consult, and ended up being able to get my root canal treatment done immediately. I am forever grateful! He gave me immediate relief from relentless pain. The staff were incredibly accommodating and did everything they could to keep me relaxed and comfortable. Thank you, thank you!

5on Google,Jan 14, 2020

5on Google,Jan 02, 2020

When in today to get my consultation the office stuff is really great they’re very helpful and The doctor take his time and explain everything and listen to you very carefully I would definitely recommend dr qamar he is very professional and very knowledgeable thanks

5on Healthgrades,Dec 19, 2019

I was so pleased with my young son’s visit/procedure. First of all, Angelica and Jona are EXCEPTIONAL ladies working at the front. They bring so much energy and comfort in a place that can be scary for patients. Dr. Qamar and Shannon informed that the room is small so they usually don’t let parents back. I respected and understood that, but as they saw my son was nervous they welcomed me back to sit through the entire procedure to give him comfort and help to put him at ease. Everyone was professional and a joy to meet. I felt comfort in trusting them with performing a root canal on him the moment I met each employee. I recommend Dr. Qamar to all that are in need of an Endodontics procedure! My 5 star ratings for each question asked in this review are as pure and real as the love for my son! Thank you all for such a great experience and for resolving my son’s dental concerns in a quick and “painless” manner! :)

5on Google,Dec 18, 2019

5on Google,Dec 13, 2019

4on Google,Nov 19, 2019

Dr. Qamar performed a root canal, I was expecting it to be painful and overall it was a very good experience with minimal discomfort. Staff was very friendly.

5on Healthgrades,Nov 19, 2019

The root canal procedure was reviewed before hand. The procedure itself went well and is successful. Dr Qamar was very patient and attentive during the process. I’m sure anyone going for a root canal is anxious but Dr Qamar works very hard to assure you are okay during the procedure. I will go to him again .

5on Google,Nov 12, 2019

5on Google,Nov 06, 2019

I was beyond nervous over having to have a root canal since I have never had one before. I worried for NOTHING. Dr. Qamar and his staff know what they are doing and are so good at what they do that I was literally surprised when they began to sit me up to let me know it was all over. If I ever need a procedure like this again I will not go anywhere else. Hands down the best!

5on Google,Oct 31, 2019

I have not found any better place to have a tooth fixed. Best customer service, awesome staff.

5on BirdEye,Oct 25, 2019

Everything was great! Great customer service! Everyone was super nice

5on Google,Oct 24, 2019

Clear Lake Endodontics has a great and helpful staff. They answered all my questioned and made me feel at ease when I came in for a Root canal. The procedure was painless and I was don’t in an hour and a half. Highly would recommend this place and thank you again Dr. and the the staff for being so nice

5on Google,Oct 18, 2019

My visit was great. The staff is really nice, place is clean and comfy. The doctor pays attention to details and works smoothly, the procedure was performed without pain or any discomfort even afterwards. Great job!

5on BirdEye,Oct 18, 2019

Awesome bunch. Highly recommend

5on BirdEye,Oct 17, 2019

everything was great! :)

5on BirdEye,Sep 24, 2019

The staff was a great and very competent.

5on BirdEye,Sep 16, 2019

My experience was nothing short of excellent. The doctor and every member of the staff were pleasant, helpful, and went out of their way to provide top notch service. Though I hope I never need another root canal, this will be my provider of choice, hand down!

5on Google,Sep 06, 2019

Absolutely the best experience. I was referred by my general dentist for a root canal and I went in for the consult on a Friday at the end of the office work day. I was in so much pain the doctor offered to stay and do the root canal procedure. I had NO pain upon completion and absolutely no complications afterward. I would highly recommend this doctor and office staff !!! Thank you all so very much !